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September 21, 2012



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MPDisplay Poem: Rodeo/Bronco drawing

September 21, 2012


Her cowboy was outside pacin'
While her mind was cold and racin'
The subject she was facin'
Was one she could NEVER win......
It was the rodeo that owned him
And it made her chances less than slim
If you've ever loved a cowboy
BEWARE! His love you will destroy
For a comp…

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August 16, 2012



Vilify not my realm of fate
I’m at the place where all can’t get 

Here are love, memories and no fuss
Mountains even don’t stand in front of us

We are the only to see the earth so deep
Take out gold, diamonds & leave nothing to sweep

The country’s development & it…

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MPDisplay Poem: Coal Miners Plight

February 6, 2012



Coal miners Plight
When I was young, I knew this man
Quiet as he was, in most of his ways
He dreamed!
Though trapped in a land of coal fields
And hard times
He refused to give into the pain
Of  his reality!
He just dreamed anyway, often seeing
Himself far away from deep mines

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MPDisplay Poem: King On Main

January 31, 2012


King On Main
Though the glass I saw myself today
Standing on the corner of Hazard's main
In the mist of slight lightening and rain
Though cloudy and grey as the day truly was
I still looked as a king smoking a Marlboro
Could it be for a moment in time I was ?

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MPDisplay Poem: Family

January 30, 2012


Help the bad with the good and those in need 
 Of attention

To  not stray so far they can't find  their way

Patience and tolerance for differences is key

 In trying times

The strength of one, may be tested though all

And the weakness of one, might be str…

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AC/DC - Dirty deeds done dirt cheap with lyrics at MPDisplay

January 29, 2012



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MPDisplay Poems: Better Man, I, Religion and Change

January 29, 2012


Publishing of  Poems by Floyd Jett
From his Trials and Tribulation Column

The Breathitt Advocate
©All rights reserved by Author

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MPDisplay Poem: Just For Today

January 25, 2012


Just For Today
 I choose not to lay down and wait any longer 
     For things to change or come my way by chance
 I long to much for something different in life
  I admit, I'm not always right, nor often even sure
   Of all the things that could be or will b…

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MPDisplay one of a kind~ Snapshotand and Poem: Rebel

January 25, 2012


A rebel without a cause
Is a rebel that is free
and lives not under
any form of tyranny
 Mountain Poets Display
written by Floyd Jett 09-07-08
Published MPDisplay 05-25-2012
© All rights reserved by Autho
"He that rebels against reason is a real rebe…

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Patty Loveless - How Can I Help You Say Goodby at MPDisplay

March 9, 2011


Our Mission

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